La Femme Chic


An unlikely meeting at the Del Mar Shores dog park turned into an amazing partnership.
Mindey, a long time dog lover, with her beautiful german shepard/border collie mix and
Debbie, with her baby lab, Maggie. Debbie was new to the dog owner world and had never been to
a dog park before.But by some chance of fate, Mindey and Deb happened to be meet at this very spot.

Both Mindey and Debra come from a corporate background. Mindey from Smith Barney and Finance,
Debbie from London's Sony.  The two women and puppies became fast friends.  It wasn't long before
Debbie asked Mindey to lunch to discuss how in the world she ended up going from Wall Street
to owning a designer consignment store on Cedros. Mindey, always a fashion label lover answered,
'Fashion and Finance; smart girl shopping and smart girl investing. What could be better then that?'

Years prior to Mindey and Deb's fateful meeting, Del Mar Dress Company was born over cocktails when
Mindey and a friend tried to answer the question of what happens to all the beautiful gowns that
are only worn once to events.  Del Mar Dress Company went from a pop-up shop in a converted
garage on Cedros  to a full time boutique. This was truly a shabby chic boutique, labor of love.
One and a half years later, La Femme Chic was two blocks down the street and closing down.
Mindey ran down the street from her home and bought the business with her former partner.

Fast forward to a year later to the meeting of Mindey and Deb. If Debbie could work in corporate
HR at Sony and other international companies and now drastically change the operating model
at Monarch School, while also raising her beautiful kids, puppy and staying happily married,
she would be a great fit for La Femme Chic. Debbie joined LFC early 2014 and in early 2015
an LLC was formed. A remodel went underway after that and here we are.  

Debbie and Mindey still go to the dog park almost every morning where they have their morning
LFC meetings. Sammy and Maggie are besties and very happy store dog greeters. We hope you stop in to meet
them, our  ovely staff and share in the joy of all the beautiful items we love bringing to you at 'Smart Girl Prices'.