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What to Wear?

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Wondering what to wear next week? Of course you are! You've got bigger fish to fry, you've got more important things to worry about - the kid's lunch, next week's charity ball, date night, world peace, global warming and all the other things that plague the everyday American woman, right?
Well maybe not, but it sure is hard to get dressed in the morning. Coming up with new ways to make yourself feel beautiful through what you're wearing when you have the weight of your life on your shoulders can be difficult.

So, why not let us help you make it all a little easier. We've got you covered, ladies. Take a look, get some sartorial inspiration and feel like a re-energized new woman this week. Why not?

Don't forget to visit us and pick up your favorite looks so you can throw them into the mix this week. With Spring in full-swing and new arrivals coming in daily, we promise you won't want to miss a beat. 

See you soon, beautiful!

xo the La Femme Chic team