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Sweater Weather Has Arrived

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It is not so often that we get to celebrate sweater weather here in 'Sunny San Diego' so when the occasion does arise, it calls for some celebration!

With that being said, we'd like to share with you some of our favorite knits now available in the boutique with a little bit of styling inspiration as well! Prepare to wish away the sun and welcome the cool weather in style, San Diego!

'It's about time! Sweata Weatha.'


So ladies, we'd like to wish you a happy black Friday - friendly reminder our sales are going until the 29th with everything up to 50% off! Don't wait to come on in because we have plenty of beautiful items waiting to find a happy home!

BUT, most importantly, we'd like to wish you a happy start to the cool down, hopefully it will last a while. Get your sweater weather on, it's about time!

xo The La Femme Chic team