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Styling 101: Midi Skirts

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Happy Friday, ladies!

Well, the weather hasn't given in at all and it is still cozy when we step outside. In our opinion, this calls for some outfit inspiration that is appropriate for the weather and we couldn't think of anything more fun than a midi-skirt in warm weather. It didn't hurt either that we have a few amazing ones in the boutique right now!

So, here are a few styling examples of easy to put together looks that you can do at home or you can come into the boutique and we can help you with. We love nothing more than to help our amazing customers look and feel their best!

Take a look at the outfits we put together and let them inspire you to play with styling skirts. Enjoy!

Business Casual

This top and skirt combo is perfect for any working lady. The silhouette of the Hermes skirt, being similar to a pencil skirt, gives off a professional look. Navy is a great color for the office because it is a neutral that doesn't feel like a neutral. Anytime you are feeling tired of black, navy will always be there for you. While the skirt does the talking the Cabi blouse that we have paired it with takes a backseat when tucked in while still doing its job of adding a fun and feminine flair to the ensemble.

As for shoes with chose these beautiful Ferragamo sling-backs. Gone are the days where women are expected to wearing 3inch+ heels on any given day. So, we say, take advantage of the opportunity to be comfortable and rock your look with a smaller heel. It is just as appropriate without killing your feet. Grab a few of your favorite accessories like this Louis Vuitton wallet and statement sunglasses to complete the look.

Pair this outfit with a blazer or sweater and you are ready to go! The great thing about a look like this is that it also transitions well from day to night or from work to other situations. While it is ready for business, add a brighter lip color or some fun jewelry and you can be ready for a dinner date! The possibilities are endless when you give yourself the perfect versatile structure. 

Date Night

Black is the universal color of chic and paired with a good animal print, there is nothing more glam we can think of. 

This particular Ferragamo skirt is perfect because it has a little swing to it which makes it great for going out dancing. While having an air of sophistication succeeds to not fall short in the category of fun! Topped with the silky animal print tank creates the perfect amount of sexy and the ruffle detailing balances it out with a bit of feminine innocence. Not to mention, it makes the girls look great!

Typically for nights out with your man, you don't need a whole lot in terms of a handbag. So throwing together this outfit with the beautiful Hermes wallet is a no-brainer. It carries the necessities and doubles very well as a clutch. 

The lace-up mules are a great neutral that tie together the look and offer a bit of edge to the ensemble. Finishing off with a statement piece of jewelry like this gold cuff keeps it chic and simple. 

When accessorizing be careful to pick your silvers or golds wisely. We have gold running through this outfit strategically in order to keep it collective although not all the colors necessarily 'match'. The greenish-gold hue in the tank-top offered the obvious choice to continue with gold in accessories and it really helps to tie in everything. In turn, this helps to draw the eye up and down the outfit with ease. 

Sunday Brunch

Brunch. What a wonderful meal What a wonderful tradition it has become in mainstream American culture in which we can set aside of few hours of our day to spend with friends and family and indulge in delicious food and drinks with little to no consequences. 

In addition to the indulgence in food choice on any given Sunday, you also have the a-ok to go a little more fun and experimental with your outfit! With that being said, we picked this very unique leather skirt. It is just the right amount of flirty edginess that you want for the weekend. It will make you simultaneously feel like a bad-ass and a princess, who doesn't want that?

In contrast, we paired it with a classic Missoni blouse for some fun colors to mix in when it comes to accessorizing. For example, bringing in red, which is the perfect 'I am here for fun' color. The Coach tote, and Kate Spade shoes are conservative but in their bright red hues offer jus the right amount of fun you want. We took a risk and threw in the turquoise Chanel wallet and it worked out fabulously. It worked well because we were able to find similar hues in the Missoni top. Not to mention, when have blue and red ever not played well together? The color combo is typically a bold one but if done right can show off your fabulous eye for color pairing!

All in all, this look offers a jet setting, ready for food, fun and maybe even a Sunday drive, vibe. And really, what more could you want?

Running Errands

Running around town getting things done can't always be fun. But what better way to make a lousy day of errands more enjoyable than to have the perfect outfit for the added bounce in your step?

This look is all that and more! For starters, it is impossible to not feel happy when taking even the quickest glance at the Ralph Lauren skirt. The print is pure joy and the colors are happiness personified in fashion terms. Not to mention, take a spin in this skirt and then tell us how you can't get the smile off of your face, because we promise, you will have so much fun that you won't be able to!

While it might be your first instinct to go with a neutral colored top, we say don't shy away from more color if you're feeling like you can pull it off! On any given day, it might be too much to wear a fuchsia top with a colorful skirt, but we say take the chance and see how you feel. It might be just the mood booster you were in need of.

In this case, since we decided to take the risk of going with full color, the best way to balance the outfit is with all neutral accessories. The big Louis Vuitton shoulder bag and tan wedges are not only practical for a day out and about but they are overall fun pieces that bring in the perfect color balance we were looking for. In addition, layered necklaces are never not a good idea so we brought the tan neutral beads with a link to the black in the bag and the black beads. Finished off with the perfect pair of Prada shades, this look is ultimately an on-the-go and ready for anything version of feeling fun and pretty with ease. 

Well ladies, we hope you found some fun inspiration with these 4 outfits. Take advantage of our continuous warm weather and bust out a skirt here and there. 

Don't forget to stop by the boutique so we can help you style your own fun outfit for any occasion!
See you soon!

xo the La Femme Chic team