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Congrats ladies, you've made it through. 

First round of holiday anxiety (aka Thanksgiving) is done and over with. It is officially the holiday season and that means it is acceptable to hum Christmas music at your desk, prop up a tree with beautiful white lights, start buying things for people other than yourself and of course, it is time to bust out all that sparkles and shines. 

Whereas during any other month it may be seen as strange to wear an entirely sequined blouse in the light of day, during the month of December it is utterly delightful!

With that being said, we have decided to share with you all our favorite gems. Pair them with your most casual wardrobe staples for elevated daytime goodness or do some interloping with sequin on sequin action for night time glamour or a holiday party look to die for!

However you style them, just remember that with every step you take you're sharing the magic of the season 🙌🏼

xo the La Femme Chic