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New Year, New Style

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The start of a New Year can be a lot like moving to a new city. Everyone gets a free pass to reinvent themselves as drastically as they please. While some people don't bother and, on the other hand, some people hang out on the other extreme, we think finding a place in the middle where your efforts push you to grow and be a better person is just where you need to be.

So, what are your resolutions this year?
Do you want to be a better mom? A better wife? Have a few more glasses of wine a week? Maybe have a few less glasses a week?
Or would you like to travel this year? Is this the year you finally say 'screw it, I'm out of here!'?
Whatever it may be, do it big, do it the best you can and ultimately, do it in style.

If you're reading this, we are going to assume that you're already at the understanding that what you wear has just as much power over you as any decision you intend to make for the New Year.

With that being said, we have put together 7 perfect outfits for you that will not only push your sartorial limits but encourage you to feel like the strong, powerful, kick-ass woman you are; encourage you to feel more YOU.

This year, get dressed every day and feel like you are ready to take on the world. Because you know what? You are!
And if you don't start now, then when?

If you've got the travel bug and you're spirit is ready for some traveling and exploring - this look is great for you!

A mix of jet-setter chic and world conscious hippie gets you a bright sophisticated ensemble that molds perfectly for any occasion.

Whether you're hoping on a plane to South America or running to pick up the kids from school, you'll be doing it in style and letting the essence of your free spirit shine through!

Light layering keeps you cozy but offers versatility in iffy weather conditions. The navy blouse and correlating wide-leg denim offer a uniformed feel that is then spiced up with the fluorescent embroidery in the top, the addition of a heavy knit cropped sweater and stand out accessories like a gem stone necklace and aviator sunglasses. It is apparent that even though you are a humble honey, you know your labels also. With a vintage Gucci bucket bag on your shoulder, a pop of pink color from your Lanvin waller and Ralph Lauren booties to get you everywhere you need to go, you're set for anything the day may bring.

This is the perfect outfit for a casual Friday or even a daytime date with your man.

Rocker Glam takes on a whole new meaning once you get this comfy and fun outfit on.

Be Posh and Sporty spice all at once by mixing and matching statement pieces with relaxed basics.

Get your glam on with this chic fur vest paired with a long sleeve jersey high low dress. The dress is comfortable, easy and will give you the flexibility to do whatever it is that you need to do during the day.

Add in a few metallic pops with jewelry and a stand-out bag to amp up the glam factor. But balance it all back out with slightly edgy, worker-boot-esque lace ups and you've got yourself the ultimate juxtaposition of chic and edgy.

It is fun to play dress up, especially going into a new year and this outfit is a great way to go a little over the top but stay comfortable. The fur vest will keep you warm but not without some breathing room to show off those great legs of yours! (NTS: more leg days at the gym in 2016)

Be wild with sophistication and wear this outfit from day to night!

This new year, do something unexpected. Do something that you wouldn't usually do, take a risk or two. And start by making unusual pairings in your wardrobe!

While this stand-out black and gold skirt may have been perfect for last night's festivities, it is also perfect for your day after brunch at 3 and afternoon walk around town with your 'can you tell I'm hungover' sunglasses.

The risk here is matching up something so bold with something so mundane, like the black pullover sweatshirt. But, if done correctly, you have an outfit that will make chins drop and get you compliments everywhere you go.

The great thing about this look is that it offers comfort along with a flattering silhouette. With a full skirt, make sure to keep the top half a little more fitted but keep it casual to make sure you're mastering the look.

Pair it with another standout piece like a necklace that brings all the color combos together in one piece and then a casual bag and shoe. 

Making this trend work can be tricky but sticking to simple color pallets and key pieces you already know you love will be that way to win this look and the admiration of all your peers!

In 2016 we want you to feel geeky and fabulous. With the popularity of Gucci's last runway, they have got the fashion world in a haze of nerdy and flirty threads and it is going to be the biggest trend going into the New Year.

Our take on it brings in some playful elements with some unlikely layering and animal prints while keeping the color scheme neutral so that you're not too far out of your comfort zone.

The sweater over the button down blouse is the perfect paring to get that oxford feel going without doing the typical collared shirt under a sweater. And, while you can purchase blouses pre-layered, we suggest buying the separates because it will give you extra versatility in your wardrobe as a whole.

The high-waisted flare shorts offer a feminine sophistication that is then cross referenced with unique flats. The addition of the leather jacket for some added warmth keeps with the smart girl classic but we traded in a backpack for a small Gucci bag for some added edge.

All together, you let everyone around you know that you're sweet, but not to be messed with. It is the perfect look for running around doing week day errands or as a casual weekend ensemble. 

This look is for anyone looking for something casual and cool. It is perfect for any lady on-the-go.

While this outfit is simple in numbers, it packs a heavy punch by adding a few key pieces in bright colors as well as other supporting accessories that bring the entire look to completion.

Starting with two simple but strong basics. The denim is a medium dark wash which is perfect for mixing brights and neutrals into the ensemble. The brown blouse underneath is about tunic length and is just quite enough to add the bright and detailed Tory Burch orange jacket on top.

Now, the accessories here support the rest of the outfit so the necklace has both blue and hints of orange to tie in the color pallet close to the face. The necklace also offers a bit of a rustic old world feel which helps to bring in both the tote back and Gucci sandals which have indigenous accents.

The tote bag brings back to life the color of the jacket while also complementing the blouse underneath and the Gucci sandal is tame cream/off white color but has bamboo detailing to support the overall casual tropical theme.

Have a playful weekend with the girls or the kids because the look is ready to go wherever you are!

Sophisticated ladies and Audrey Hepburn admirers alike will fancy this ensemble.

Perfect for a work day or a night out the dress adds structure and offers any body type an ideal silhouette. Keep the look professional and sophisticated with a structured bag like this Ferragamo briefcase bag. Slip on a pair of kitten heels to add just the right amount of height. Lastly, accessorize in gold, silver, or even both!

A key characteristic that keeps this look classy is the monochromatic palette. Adding in a few accents with jewelry and handbag hardware spices it up a bit and brings it from shab to fab!

Sunglasses are a must with such an ensemble so throw on your Dior shades and get this show on the road. In such a perfect outfit, there is no time to be wasting.

Who said a day at work can't be bright and beautiful?

This year, set aside all the neutrals and trade them in for something a little more fun.

You are a working woman in American and you deserve to feel beautiful 100% of the day! So, put a new spin on the pencil skirt and blouse with something like this.

Instead of a simple black skirt, try something just as sophisticated but a little more playful. This color blocked dark denim skirt is company approved and a drastic update to the charcoal and black skirts of the past. Now instead of cream, white or God-forbid more black, add a colorful blouse with a print that will make you stand out like the star you are!

Finishing touches come in with jewelry, something sparkly is always approved, a wallet to match the blouse and a pair of not-too-high heels. Make the heels comfortable and a little more on the classic side to even out the rest of the look. As an added bonus, we threw in a scarf to be tied around the neck or even added to your bag just for the fun of it! Scarves are the new must-have accessory and it they will be here to stay in 2016 so try it now and be the trend-setter of the office!

Phew, seven outfits down and only 358 more to go. But this is a good start to your week!

Shop all these amazing transformational looks in the boutique now and make this year your most stylish yet! If you dress to impress, good things will come to you.

Happy New Year, ladies!

xo the La Femme Chic team