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Mother's Day

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How did this happen? Mother's Day is already next weekend!

Don't worry if the time crept up on you, the same happened to us too! Luckily, we have plenty of brunch-ready and gift-worthy goodies in the boutique and ready just for you!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites and then come on into the boutique so we can make all your Mother's Day style dreams a reality. OR, help you pick out something special for that one lady who has put up with you through the good and the bad. We know she deserves something wonderful just as much as you do and we would love to help make that happen!

Well ladies, best wishes to you and your mamas this upcoming Mother's Day. May your brunch be sweet and your mimosas strong.

You've still got about a week left to get together everything you need, so we expect to see you in soon! 💗

xo the La Femme Chic team