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Designer Spotlight: Michael Kors

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When we think 'Michael Kors' we think Hamptons, all white parties, laying poolside with some fabulous drink in hand and no immediate worries about the future because 'who cares about what is coming next when this is your present tense?'!

Since being established in the early '80s, Michael Kors has always been a go-to for glamour, timeless chic and the 'all American' look we all chase after at least once in our lifetime. Their line of handbags, accessories and jewelry have become classics that are a staple in any fashionable woman's wardrobe. The labels effortless way of communicating casual femininity is unparalleled. If you ever need to feel sophisticated and put together, this is the designer for you!

To say the least, Michael Kors is a La Femme Chic favorite and we are always excited to have new pieces in and this week we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. So, scroll down and enjoy the chic overload or come on into the boutique and grab a bit of it to take home!

Integrate some of these glamorous pieces into your wardrobe for the new year and get a style boost that will keep you going all season long!

xo the La Femme Chic team