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Fall 2016 with Kara Lee

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Welcome, ladies!
We are officially in the fall season and we couldn't be more excited about it. Don't get us wrong, we are Southern California girls so there is nothing we love more than the beach and some sunshine, BUT that doesn't mean that we aren't happy about being able to get a little more creative with our wardrobe in the next coming months. 

We never thought we'd say this, but there is only so much pink and floral patterns you can wear before you wonder what else there is in life. You know?

With that being said, autumn is upon us and we are rather pleased. With the (slight) changing of leaves and the mildly cooler temperatures comes a new world of styling possibilities.

Fall is the most fashionable time of the year due to all the layering possibilities, color combinations and textures that are far too constraining in the summer heat. From here to the end of the year, we plan on taking every advantage to bundle up in a sweater or pull on a pair of thigh high boots without wanting pull them right off in a sweaty heat-stroke-coma.

This season we have teamed up with the ever-so-stylish Kara from the fabulous blog Kara Loves Coco. Kara joined us and put together her go-to looks for the season while using La Femme Chic as her own personal wardrobe. We must say, we are ecstatic about the looks she came up with and we think you will be too!

Take a look at all the goodies below and we hope you enjoy!

My first experience with shopping at a consignment shop was with LFC and let me tell you, that experience will be tough to top. They’re all about your experience- you’re able to shop designer brands at a discounted price in a beautiful setting. What more could a girl ask for?
— Kara Lee of Kara Loves Coco
Collaborating with LFC was so exciting! It’s not everyday I get to play dress up in the likes of Fendi, Oscar De La Renta and Prada!
— Kara Lee of Kara Loves Coco

Whether you saw something you've got to have or now have plenty of inspiration in terms of what-to-wear for the coming months, we are sure that you're going to do just fine as long as you keep these simple things in mind; be confident, be classy and above all, be smart!
Why spend more than you have to to have a killer wardrobe?

Come on by and lets curate your fall wardrobe together, we'd love to help!

xo the La Femme Chic team