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We've said it once, we will say it again - Happy Fall Ladies!

We couldn't be happier to grab a coat on our way out for the day for the nights now come with a chill that we cannot deny. And though we may shake and shiver, no doubt we are so pleased to almost be rid of the harsh sun and its heat rays. (at least for a few months)

With that being said, we haven't pin pointed our fall color story yet, and if you're like us and prefer non-traditional options, we suggest something along the lines of what we have featured below. C O L O R F U L K N I T S !

Let us just pose this question; Does it not make sense to want to bring the bright cheerful vibes when it is grey and cold outside?
We think yes!

Be the one in the room wearing bright pink when everyone else is in black. That is the way a La Femme Chic gal does it!

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xo the La Femme Chic team